Getting ready to make your move?

Maybe you’d like to move, but are overwhelmed because you’ve accumulated so many things over the years. Or maybe, you need help with your parents’ move.

Simplify your life. Embrace new, easier living.

Peace of Mind Moving Managers, a senior move manager and downsizing service, can organize the move, help you figure out what to bring and what items need to go somewhere else.

We provide a range of services from downsizing, organizing the move, packing, unpacking and setting up your new home. We can also help with preparing your current home for sale, arranging an estate sale, arranging for legacy gifting or donating and disposal of unwanted items.

The bottom line is: We take the stress out of moving.

Benefits of moving managers:

Eliminates stress of moving

Finds "second lives" for stuff you don't need

Avoids the panic of disposing things too hastily

Helps you discern what you really need

Gets you out from under the things that keep you stuck